Är du säker på att du vill ändra land och/eller språk?
Om du ändrar land, kommer alla produkter som du har i din varukorg att tas bort.

Denna produkt finns dessvärre inte att köpa hos detta ombud

Men du kan beställa denna produkt online.


Select the right HG floor product!


With HG it is very easy to select the right floor product to solve your cleaning or maintenance problem!


The side of every 1 litre bottle has a treatment matrix, developed specifically for that particular type of floor. Every treatment refers to a special HG product number that corresponds with the unique number at the front of the relevant product.


You can find all the treatment matrices on this website. Click on one of the images below and you will see the treatment matrix for that floor. Select the required treatment and all you need to do is remember the special HG product number to select the right product from the HG shelf in the shop.